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About the Clinic

Spring Hope Orthopaedic Spine Surgery Clinic was founded in 2016 by Dr Tony Setiobudi. The clinic was first situated in Mount Elizabeth Hospital at Orchard, where Dr Tony, along with 3 other doctors practised. In search of comfort for his patients, he relocated the clinic to Paragon Medical Centre. Our mission is to give hope to all regardless of the situation and be a blessing to others. We hope to maintain a high quality of service and facilities to our patients now, and in the future.


Striving to be a Reliable and Trusted Healthcare Institution to Care for Your Bone, Joint, Nerve and Spine Health


  • To Provide Medical Care for Bone, Joint, Nerve and Spine Health in Reliable and Efficient Manners
  • To Inspire Hope to Our Patients and Their Family in All Situations
  • To Uphold The Highest Standard and Integrity in What We Are Doing

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